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Bag Policy

TV Schedule

The 2015 tournament will be the most televised Western & Southern Open ever in conjunction with our partners at the ESPN family of networks, including: Please note: Everything aired on ESPN2 or ESPNews will also air on ESPN3 or the WatchESPN App. Don't miss the local channel finder at the bottom of this page. Happy viewing! 

Mon. 8/17

11:00AM - 11:00PM


Tues. 8/18

11:00AM - 11:00PM


Weds. 8/19

11:00AM - 11:00PM



7:00 - 11:00PM



Thurs. 8/20

11:00AM - 1:00PM



1:00 - 5:00PM



9:00 - 1:00AM


Fri. 8/21

11:00AM - 1:00PM



1:00 - 5:00PM



7:00 - 11:00PM


Sat. 8/22

1:00 - 5:00PM



5:00 - 7:00PM


Sun. 8/23

1:00 - 5:00PM



WTA Players

ATP Players

Women's Dubs






What are the dates for 2015?
The men's and women's events run simultaneously, August 15-23, 2015 (notice the change in weeks).

Is my ticket cost tax deductible?
No. Although the tournament makes contributions to several charities, ticket costs are not tax deductible.

Where do I park? What's the cost?
Parking is provided at the site and is included in the cost of the ticket. Single-session purchasers, as well as purchasers of Mini Ticket Packages (such as the Monday-Tuesday package, the Wednesday-Thursday package, the Finals Weekend package, etc.) park in Lot C and require no parking pass. Box, Loge and Terrace Full Series holders will be sent a parking pass with their tickets. Lot A is reserved for Center Court Box seat account holders and two Lot A parking passes are provided per Center Court Box. Lot B is reserved for Loge and Terrace full series holders, and one Lot B pass is provided for every two series seats within one's account.

Where is the Lindner Family Tennis Center located?
It can be seen from Interstate 71, directly across from Kings Island, about 30 minutes northeast of downtown Cincinnati. It's about one hour from Columbus, Ohio, and about 30 minutes from Dayton, Ohio. Click here for detailed directions, or try www.mapquest.com.

Lindner Family Tennis Center
5460 Courseview Drive
Mason, OH 45040

When's the best day or session to attend?
Every fan finds a different day to his or her liking. For both the men and women, there are more matches earlier in the week and during day sessions. As the week progresses, the excitement builds as the field narrows and the players fight to win the coveted title.

When do the sessions begin and end?
On the tickets page (Click here), under single session tickets for men and single session tickets for women, you'll find the start times of each session. There are no definite session-ending times, as all sessions last until the matches for that session are completed or the session is determined to be completed (due to rain or other circumstance). In general, the sessions which start at 11 a.m. usually last until about 5 p.m., and the sessions which start at 3 p.m. or 7 p.m. usually last until approximately 11 p.m. Again, ending times are dependent on the length of the matches scheduled for that session. (Gates open two hours before each sessions starts.)

When do the gates open?
Generally, the gates are open two hours prior to the start of each session.

Does my child need a ticket?
Children over the age of 12 months require a ticket.

Will one ticket allow me to watch both the afternoon and evening sessions?
No. You will need a ticket to attend each session. Please be prepared to present your ticket to the usher for entry to Center Court.

What happens if it rains?
One completed match on Center Court shall constitute a complete session of play. If play is postponed without the completion of a match, single-session ticket buyers will be given a ticket to the same session the following year, provided some conditions are met. Box, series, complimentary and sponsor tickets are exempted from this policy. Consult the back of your ticket for details.

Do you offer discounts?
A "$4-off" discount is provided to members of the USTA for several sessions, and large groups are given discounts for certain sessions. Please call the tournament (513-651-0303) for information on discounts.

What happens at Kids Day?
Kids Day is for kids 12 & under and features an entertaining exhibition with players. Tickets for Kids Day are half-price, and the ticket also includes a seat for the matches that session.

What happens at High School Days during the tournaments?
High School Days are much like Kids Days in that kids get an entertaining exhibition with players, tips on fitness from Wellington Orthopedics, all geared to the high school player. The ticket also includes a seat for the matches that session. Lunch will be provided by Skyline Chili for those who register in advance.

Do I need to bring a racquet for the High School Day or Kids Day clinic?
No. Racquet's used on the court will be supplied by the tournament.

How can I get a tent or a suite at the Western & Southern Open?
Tents and suites at the tournament are excellent ways to host a group of clients, customers, or even friends and family at this world-class event. Contact Shawn Leibold at 513.651.0303 or visit our sponsorship page here.

How is the draw made?
The draw is made the same way at every tournament. First, the seeds (the highest-ranked players in the draw) are placed in the draw (No. 1 on the first line, No. 2 on the last line and then the others in alternating order on pre-determined lines). Once the seeds are in place, the other players are drawn at random and placed on the empty lines -- starting at the top and going down the draw until it is filled.

How is the schedule made?
The schedule is made with input from the Tours, the players, television, and the tournament. The international television broadcasters often request certain matches be played on courts from which they can broadcast. The tournament makes requests based on what it feels is in the best interest of the fans.

When is the schedule made?
During the tournament, the schedule is made daily and usually is available around 6 p.m. It is then posted on this web site and is made immediately available to the Telecommunications Committee (513-651-0303), the media, etc.

Can you tell me now when a particular player will play?
No. In a single elimination tournament, only one player advances and since no one knows who will win or lose, no one knows who will play when.

When is the first round played? When's the second round played?
Barring unforeseen circumstances, the first and second rounds will be played Sunday (men's only), Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The round of 16 is completed on Thursday, the quarterfinals are played on Friday, the semifinals are played on Saturday and the finals are played on Sunday. Click here to see an explanation.

Can I watch matches on other courts?
Yes. The Lindner Family Tennis Center has 16 courts, and matches are generally played on several of those courts. When you buy a ticket, you buy a reserved seat on Center Court, but you also are free to watch matches on other courts. Generally, matches are played on other courts until the Friday night session. On Friday night, Saturday day, Saturday night and Sunday, matches are only played on Center Court and Grandstand. (Note: A "grounds pass" ticket does not provide a seat on Center Court, but does allow you access to the other courts. Grounds passes are sold only after all reserved tickets are sold.)

On how many courts are matches played?
Depending on the day, matches may be played on up to seven or eight courts.

Can I watch players practice? How do I know who's practicing when and where?
Some courts at the Lindner Family Tennis Center were built specifically as practice courts. Watching practice has become a real fan favorite because fans can get so close to the stars and see them in a relaxed environment. An electronic board near the player entrance (on the west side of the Lindner Family Tennis Center) updates fans on who is practicing on which courts. In addition, fans will have the option to view the player practice schedule during the event by opening cincytennis.com on their mobile devices.

How does the Lindner Family Tennis Center compare to other tennis facilities?
The Lindner Family Tennis Center and the venues for the four Grand Slams are the only venues in tennis with more than two permanent stadiums. Cincinnati has four permanent stadiums: Center Court (capacity: 11,435), Grandstand Court (capacity: 5,000), Court #3 (capacity: 3,500) and Court #9 (capacity: 2,500). All four have lights to allow for night play. The site has a total of 16 courts and matches may be played on up to eight of those courts (depending on the day and the tightness of the schedule).

I'm buying single session tickets. Where will I sit? Can I sit down next to the court?
Center Court at the Lindner Family Tennis Center is divided into three levels: The box level, the loge level, and the terrace level. The box level, the loge level and the first five rows of the terrace level are for fans who are buying tickets for the entire tournament, not just one or a few sessions. Also, there are waiting lists for the box and loge levels. However, please keep in mind that the Center Court stadium was specifically built for tennis and seats only 11,435 -- so even the last row provides a great view of the action. Also keep in mind that the earlier you order tickets, the lower your seats will be in the terrace level.

Can I buy a seat in the shade?
Yes, there are some seats in the shade. These are available by request only, but there are a limited number of them. Sections 311-315, rows T-Z are located under a canopy, while sections 324-327 are located in front of the press box, which may provide shade during the day for parts of these sections.

How does a player qualify to play in the Men's event?
Players in the world's top 44 get directly into the main draw. Seven spots in the draw are filled by qualifiers -- those players who successfully win two matches during the qualifying matches on the Saturday and Sunday prior to the start of the main draw. Four spots are filled by "wild cards," granted at the tournament's discretion. And one spot is left open in case a player who would have had to qualify reaches the semifinals at ATP Masters Canada (played the week before Cincinnati). (Why? That player can't play qualifying in Cincinnati if he's still playing in Canada, and reaching the semifinal of a ATP Masters Series event should be enough to get you in the next big event. It's called the "special exempt rule.")

That makes a total of 56 -- 44 direct acceptances, 7 qualifiers, 4 wild cards and 1 special exempt.

How do I volunteer?
Call the tournament (513-651-0303) and volunteer information will be mailed to you providing all the details and a list of committees needing volunteers.

When are ball kid tryouts?
The dates for 2013 ball kid tryouts have not been set. A child must be at least 12 to be a ball kid. Call the tournament (513-651-0303) for more information or to receive a packet on volunteering as a ball kid.

Can I get housing during the tournament?
Yes. The tournament has formed alliances with several excellent hotels near the tournament site, offering special rates for fans. Information on all these hotels is on this web site, under tournament information. Call the tournament housing coordinator at 513-651-0303 for more information or to book a room.

Can I rent a car during the tournament?
Yes. The tournament has formed an alliance with Enterprise Rent-A-Car, offering a special rate for fans. Click here for more information.

How do I get a media credential?
For information on applying for media credentials, please contact the tournament at media@cincytennis.com. Notification of confirmed or denied credentials will be made in writing.

Is the tournament televised?
The Western & Southern Open is one of the most televised tennis events with three broadcast partners. Audiences can tune in to ESPN2, the Tennis Channel, and CBS in the United States and on various networks in 189 countries around the world. Please consult your local listings for air times. Click here to view the television schedule for our broadcast partners. Alsofans can log on to TennisTV.com to watch matches.

Has the tournament always been called the Western & Southern Open?
No. The Cincinnati tournament has had many different names since its beginning on September 18, 1899, including the Cincinnati Open, the Tri-State Tennis Championship, the Western Tennis Championship, the ATP Championship and Tennis Masters Series Cincinnati.

Can I bring my RV to the tournament?
Yes, during the day RVs of a reasonable size can be parked in Lot C. However, you are not allowed to keep your RV at the tournament overnight.

Contact Us

Main Office

Western & Southern Open
250 East Fifth Street, Suite 1310
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

For general information regarding the Western & Southern Open, please email us at info@cincytennis.com or call us at (513) 651-0303.




CINCINNATI HISTORY - From Club Court to Center Court

The Western & Southern Open is the nation's oldest professional tennis tournament player in it's city of origin.

First played in 1899 on the site of current day Xavier University, the Open has been a fixture in the Queen City for more than a century. The champions list reads like a who's who of tennis greats, with more than 100 International Tennis Hall of Famers having played in Cincinnati over the years.

The comprehensive history of professional tennis in Cincinnati is back again with the 2013 edition. This fantastic resource includes a narrative through the years, photographs and complete player statistics for the event.

To purchase the book, CLICK HERE.


While delivering great tennis to the world is the main product, the Western & Southern Open's primary mission for decades has been to use the event as a force for good. Over the past decades the tournament has given more than $8.7 million directly to key community beneficieries.

The event benefits the following charities:


The men's tournament has been played for the benefit of Cincinnati Children's since 1974. From its inception to 1987, the tournament proceeds have supported Treatment Center II. Approximately 11,000 patients were served in the dermatology, audiology, and ear, nose and throat clinics. From 1987 to the present, funds from the tournament support the Five Plus Clinic, a follow-up program for long-term survivors of childhood cancer. The clinic provides care for patients who have successfully overcome cancer and who require on-going follow-up visits with pediatric specialists. Donations to Cincinnati Children's have exceeded $7.7 million over the past 34 years.


The tournament named the Barrett Cancer Center  as its beneficiary in 2004. The Barrett Cancer Center has a long-standing reputation for providing the most advanced and complete range of cancer services available in the region. It is a unique facility offering screening, diagnosis and treatment for all types of cancer at one central, convenient location. It has been ranked among the best in the US News and World Report guide to "America's Best Hospitals". It is located at University Hospital and is the cornerstone of the University of Cincinnati Cancer Center.


The Inner City Tennis Project was established in 1986 to provide an affordable tennis experience to children in Greater Cincinnati, with an emphasis on increasing participation of inner city youth. ICTP offers a program that seeks to provide quality instruction along with a nurturing social environment, which will assist children to achieve personal goals both in the sport of tennis and in life. Over fifty participants have received scholarships to Division I and Division II colleges throughout the United States.


Event Information

Do you know about our new bag policy?Backpacks are no longer permitted at the Lindner Family Tennis Center. To see what bags you can bring, read our updated Bag Policy.

Facility Location:
Lindner Family Tennis Center
5460 Courseview Drive
Mason, OH 45040

Off-Site Offices:
250 East Fifth Street, Suite 1310
Cincinnati, Ohio
45202 USA
Phone: 1(513)651-0303
Fax: 1(513)651-3088

Surface: Hardcourt (Decoturf II)
Draw size: Singles 56
Prize money: $3,700,000
Modus: Best of Three through final

Surface: Hardcourt (Decoturf II)
Draw size: Singles 54
Prize money: $2,400,000
Modus: Best of Three through final


Women's Doubles

Women's Singles

Men's Doubles

Men's Singles


Listed in order from distance to tournament. Closest hotels are at the top of the page.


Baymont Inn & Suites
2793 Water Park Dr
Mason, OH 45040
(513) 754-1166


Comfort Suites 
5457 Kings Center Dr
Mason, OH 45040
(513) 336-9000


Kings Island Resort
5961 Kings Island Dr
Mason, OH 45040
(513) 398-0115


Great Wolf Lodge
2501 Great Wolf Dr
Mason, OH 45040
(513) 459-8885


Kirkwood Inn
4027 S. US Route 42
Mason, OH 45040
(513) 398-7277


Marriott Northeast
9664 Mason Montgomery Rd
Mason, OH 45040
(513) 459-9800


Hyatt Place
5070 Natorp Blvd
Mason, OH 45040
(513) 754-0003


Hilton Garden Inn
5200 Natorp Blvd
Mason, OH 45040
(513) 204-6000


Holiday Inn Express
5100 Natorp Blvd
Mason, OH 45040
(513) 387-6000


SpringHill Suites
9365 Waterstone Blvd
Cincinnati, OH 45249
(513) 683-7797


TownePlace Suites
9369 Waterstone Blvd
Cincinnati OH 45249
(513) 774-0610


Residence Inn
11401 Reed Hartman Hwy
Blue Ash, OH 45241
(513) 530-5060


Marriott West Chester
6189 Muhlhauser Rd
West Chester, OH 45069
(513) 874-7335


Crowne Plaza
5901 Pfeiffer Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45242
(513) 793-4500


Hampton Inn & Suites
9266 Schulze Dr
West Chester, OH
(513) 341-2040


Residence Inn
6240 Muhlhauser Rd
West Chester Township, OH
(513) 341-4040


Courtyard Hamilton
1 North Front St
Hamilton, OH 45011
(513) 896-6200


Double Tree Suites by Hilton
6300 E. Kemper Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45421
(513) 489-3636


Wingate by Wyndham
4320 Glendale Milford Rd
Cincinnati, OH 45242
(513) 733-1142


Courtyard by Marriott
4625 E. Lake Forest Dr
Blue Ash, OH 45242
(513) 733-4334


Embassy Suites
4554 Lake Forest Dr
Blue Ash, OH 45242
(513) 733-8900

Travel Info

Parking is provided at the site and is included in the cost of the ticket. Single-session purchasers, as well as purchasers of Mini Ticket Packages (such as the Monday-Tuesday package, the Wednesday-Thursday package, the Finals Weekend package, etc.) park in Lot C and require no parking pass. Box, Loge and Terrace Full Series holders will be sent a parking pass with their tickets. Lot A is reserved for Center Court Box seat account holders and two Lot A parking passes are provided per Center Court Box. Lot B is reserved for Loge and Terrace full series holders, and one Lot B pass is provided for every two series seats within one's account.

Are you looking for a hotel? Please click here to see the list of hotels closet to the tournament!

Lindner Family Tennis Center
5460 Courseview Dr.
Mason, OH 45040

Click on the map below for directions

Parking map is below:

Match Schedule

The 2016 Western & Southern Open Round by Round Schedule is below. This schedule is subject to change.

IMPORTANT: Please note the changes for Semifinal Saturday, August 20. The women play during the day and the men in the evening.

USTA Member Day

2015 USTA Member Appreciation Day is scheduled for Thursday, August 20 from 11AM until 2PM in the Grandstand Tent.

 USTA Members are invited to enjoy the afternoon in a reserved hospitality tent, take photos with the trophy, and experience an afternoon of world class tennis. In addition, all USTA members can enjoy discounted tickets on Monday, August 17 and Thursday, August 20 for both the day and evening sessions.


Night on the Runway

Wednesday, August 13 - Night On The Runway

High fashion and world-class tennis collide at the Western & Southern Open Night On The Runway. This popular "see and be seen" event is a must attend to see all the hottest fashions for the coming season. Watch models wear the latest down the runway, then go buy the same items for your personal closest in the pop-up boutique market. Don't miss this event, and the great tennis happening all day at the Lindner Family Tennis Center.

Day Session - matches begin at 11 AM (Men's and Women's Main Draw)

Fashion Show and Dinner - 5:30-7PM (Reserved Table Seating)

Evening Session - matches begin 7PM (Men's and Women's Main Draw)

The Night On the Runway ticket: $30 (plus a valid match ticket for the 8/13 day or evening session)

Important: You must have a valid match ticket in addition to the Runway ticket.

Military / Civic Day

Monday, August 17 - Military and Uniformed Personnel Appreciation Day

On Monday, August 17 the Western & Southern Open will honor members of our armed forces and all uniformed civic personnel (police, firefighters, etc.) with a special day and evening.  

Any military member or civic personnel who show a valid ID at the door will receive a half price ticket for the day or evening session on Monday, August 17. (One ticket per ID)


- 200 tickets will be donated to the Armed Forces Ticket Association. 

- Recognition of all current and former members of the armed forces who are in attendance during the evening matches.

- Special National Anthem, coin flip and appearances throughout the matches.

Thank you to TAPS and DAV for their assistance and partnership last year in 2014.

Family Day

Sunday, August 10 - Kroger Family Day

Enjoy the waning days of summer with a night of championship tennis. Enjoy food some of Cincinnati's best restaurants and live music while the kids test their skills at speed serve and seek their favorite players' autographs.

Directions to Purchase Discounted Kroger Tickets:


High School Day

Buy your tickets today! Call 513.651.0303 or tap here to buy online

Includes Exhibition, Lunch and Day Session ticket
$30 per ticket*
$28 per ticket for groups of 10 or more*
$26 per ticket for groups of 20 or more*
*Plus $8 processing fee


Special Events

Kids Day

Buy your tickets today! Call 513.651.0303 or tap here

$10 per adult ticket
$5 per kids ticket
*Plus $8 processing fee


Box Seats

Grandstand Court

Center Court

Site Map


Tickets can be purchased by calling 513.651.0303 or online by clicking here





Visit the 20,000 square foot retail plaza for everything from sunglasses and jewelry to tennis apparel and accessories.

2015 Exhibitors:
Academia Sanchez-Casal Florida
APEX by Sunglass Hut
Andy Caress Melanoma Foundation
Cortiglia Bags
Dottie G
Enquirer Media
Erin Wachs Jewelry
Lacoste Fragrances
Midwest Sports
Oxygen Bars
The Silver Lady II
Sweaty Bands
USTA / Midwest Section
Western & Southern Financial Group


Men's Main Draw Highlights
Novak Djokovic
Roger Federer
Andy Murray
Stan Wawrinka
Kei Nishikori
Tomas Berdych
David Ferrer
Milos Raonic
Marin Cilic
Rafael Nadal
Grigor Dimitrov
Jo-Wilfried Tsonga
Gilles Simon
Kevin Anderson
David Goffin
Feliciano Lopez
John Isner
Gael Monfils
Tommy Robredo
Richard Gasquet
Leonardo Mayer
Roberto Bautista Augut
Pablo Cuevas
Viktor Troicki
Tommy Haas*
Ivo Karlovic
Bernard Tomic
Andreas Seppi
Fabio Fognini
Nick Kyrgios
Dominic Thiem
Jack Sock
Guillermo Garcia-Lopez
Philipp Kohlschreiber
Adrian Mannarino
Juan Monaco
Sam Querrey
Pablo Andujar
Jeremy Chardy
Martin Klizan
Borna Coric
Lukas Rosol
Thomaz Bellucci
Fernando Verdasco

Women's Main Draw Highlights
Serena Williams
Petra Kvitova
Simona Halep
Maria Sharapova
Caroline Wozniacki
Lucie Safarova
Ana Ivanovic
Ekaterina Makarova
Carla Suarez Navarro
Angelique Kerber
Karolina Pliskova
Eugenie Bouchard
Agnieszka Radwanska
Andrea Petkovic
Timea Bacsinszky
Venus Williams
Elina Svitolina
Sabine Lisicki
Sara Errani
Garbine Muguruza
Madison Keys
Belinda Bencic
Samantha Stosur
Victoria Azarenka
Svetlana Kuznetsova
Flavia Penneta
Alize Cornet
Barboa Strycova
Jelena Jankovic
Irina-Camelia Begu
Camila Giorgi
Caroline Garcia
Zarina Diyas
Roberta Vinci
Madison Brengle
Sloane Stephens
Kristina Mladenovic
Daria Gavrilova
Dominika Cibulkova


The Lindner Family Tennis Center offers a number of different places for you to take a break and enjoy a cold drink with your family and friends.

Michelob Ultra Legends Bar – The Michelob Ultra Legends Bar is not only the best seat in the house to listen to the music and entertainment stage, but will be serving Mich Ultra along with other selections. This new bar will have twice the seating as the beach house and will debut the night of the Draw Party, August 14th.

el Arco Tequila Margarita Bar – A new addition to the Western & Southern Open this year, be sure to stop by and try the signature el Arco Ace Margarita.

Robert Mondavi Private Selection Wine Garden – Wind down in the Wine Garden where you can try the very best from the vineyard of Robert Mondavi surrounded by award-winning landscaping by LaMond Design. Stop by the Wine Garden each night at 5:30PM for special demos and tastings from these Cincinnati celebrity chefs:

Monday: Brad Bernstein, Red Feather Kitchen

Tuesday: Michelle Brown, Jags Steak & Seafood

Wednesday: Todd Kelly, Orchids at Palm Court

Thursday: Anne Kearney, Rue Dumaine

Friday: Chef Danny Combs, Sotto, Boca Group

Saturday: Jean Robert de Cavel, John Roberts Table

Moet Champagne Bar – Take time to treat yourself to the luxurious taste of Moet, the official Champagne of the Western & Southern Open.

Emirates Lounge – Enjoy a break from the action and head to the Emriates Lounge to try some Belvadere Vodka.

All are open to the public and most offer shady areas to take a break from the on-court action.


The Western & Southern Open not only hosts the top men’s and women’s players from around the world, but also exhibits numerous dining options from Cincinnati’s flourishing food scene. The 14 cuisine options provided throughout our food court will give guests a unique and savory taste of the Cincinnati area, no doubt leaving all who visit satisfied. Come experience all that the Western & Southern Open has to offer!

A huge thank you to the 2015 food court partners - see below.

Things To Do

W&S Open Mobile Home